Monday, December 26, 2011

The Hectic Life

Life has been hectic and now it is Christmas!  If you wonder why I have been absent so long, well it wasn't intentional.  My daughter got married in August and though I knew I would be busy and not write as much, I didn't realize this blog would be silent for 3 or 4 months.  I have missed you!

I did promise some wedding pictures.  I have to say that it was a beautiful wedding, though I can't take a lot of credit for that.  My daughter did most of the planning.  Here is the happy couple!

And the bride with her bridesmaids decked out in purple and green ...

On an interesting note, we were lucky with the timing of this wedding because exactly one week later Hurricane Irene arrived in this very spot in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.  Oh yes!  The wedding tree behind the girls was knocked down in the storm.  The hotel where most of us stayed had so much damage that it had to be closed for a year for repairs.  It was the same hotel used for the broadcast leading up to the hurricane.  The pier in front of the hotel lost the last few sections in the strong wind and waves.  This storm claimed at least nine lives as it worked it's way up the Atlantic coast.

The Atlantic Beach pier (picture from Jonathan Serrie, reporter):
Then the bride and groom were to leave from DC for their honeymoon on the hurricane weekend, flying to Mexico.  I wasn't concerned because Mexico was not in the path of the storm, forgetting they had to first get out of DC.  They managed to fly out the morning of the day the hurricane arrived to close the airports.  I think they must have a lucky angel looking out for them. 

So besides the wedding, which I thought would be my major or only distraction to writing this blog, life kept happening.  What's up with that?  My part-time job decided they needed more of my time and beyond that I don't really remember.  It is so easy to let life happen to you and let some things slide.  At my age, I should know that you can lose yourself if you are not careful.

My creative time has really suffered so I think I see a New Year's resolution coming.  I have a jewelry show this week and I will have to get busy.  It is a casual affair at an office in their break room.  But as we know if done well that might lead to who knows what.  Never overlook an opportunity.  So back to work and I will talk with you soon. 

Keep creating,

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I 'Heart" Macro Sunday

This little guy jumped across my path as I hurried out to my car one morning.  He was just so darn cute I had to grab the camera and take his picture.  I was sure he would disappear back in to the hole before I could focus but I guess he likes the limelight. 

You may not be able to tell how little this guy is but he can't be more than an inch or two tall.  (Are frogs tall or long?)  And of course, I was practically standing on my head to get the shot.  It is a wonder that I got him in focus. 

I mentioned that my daughter is getting married later in August and some of you asked for a picture.  Well, this is not the wedding but this is the engagement picture that was in the paper.

We are in the countdown now for the wedding.  I am not going to think about losing a daughter.  I prefer to think I am gaining a son. 

Be creative and take some pictures,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Here is what is coming off my bead table and into the shop.  Warm amber, root beer brown, black and white combine to make this yummy look.  This bead color combination is my husband's current favorite. 

This bracelet looks great with a summer white dress and just as good with that little black dress.  It will transition from summer to fall with outfits in brown, tan or khaki.  Check it out in my Etsy shop. 

Sorry this is posting on Thursday but had a little trouble with tech issues yesterday.

Be creative and be happy,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I 'Heart" Macro Sunday

This picture was taken when my daughter first started planning her wedding.  Her colors are purple and lime green and she wants the bridesmaids to carry green bouquets with their dark purple dresses to add a bright touch.  I took this picture of the green mums in some flowers I bought that also had the purple in the background. 

Yes, there are green flowers - think Bells of Ireland and these mums.  It turns out there are several different options, of course not all are inexpensive (think wedding on a budget).  Interestingly, it is the dark purple that may be harder to come by in August.  And she wants purple in her bouquet.  Still working on that.

Till next time,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Giveaway!

The lovely and generous Lori Anderson reviewed "Hot Connections Jewelry -- The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques" by Jennifer Chin and published by Potter Craft.  And guess what!  She is giving it away.

Want a chance to win it?  Well just hop on over to Lori's blog, Pretty Things, and check out the details.

Good luck and be creative,

Friday, July 22, 2011

The One That Got Away

Oh yes!  I saw the perfect shot while driving home the other day.  Mother deer nursing twin fawns (see the spots on their backs).  Having my camera in the car, I made a quick u-turn to catch the shot.  They were still there down a short lane through the orchard so I stopped, grabbed the camera and snapped the shot.  But alas, mama deer saw me, perked up her ears and bolted just as the camera snapped.  She got away.

It took the babies a little longer to react so I was able to catch them, even though one looks like some devil creature because my flash went off, reflecting in his eyes.  Well, maybe next time.  We have so many deer in our fields and orchards but this was probably that one time chance sighting.

We have been having a heat wave this week with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. I think I will stay in the air conditioning tomorrow and hope it counteracts my torch flame so I can make some beads. 

Stay cool and be creative,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up Close with Macros

Here are some cactus flowers I captured in my back yard.  It is hard to believe that such a prickly plant can have such beautiful flowers. 

What else is in bloom? 

Have you joined us yet at Studio Waterstone?

studio waterstone

Look closely,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lichen Loveliness

There is something so intriguing about lichens.  I have always enjoyed observing and studying it.  Once I even slipped on a rock ledge and broke my elbow trying to pick samples for my science lesson. 

Fortunately, these specimens were in the back yard and no mishaps were involved in the taking of these pictures.

Try looking at everything a little closer, snap the shot and join us at Studio Waterstone.

studio waterstone

Here's to Macro Sunday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Macro Sunday

Macro Sunday is here again.  While walking around the yard taking pictures, I found this white moth sitting on my black lamp post.  Such a contrast!

 Who knew they had fur around the head?  It is probably not called fur, but that is what it looks like.  And look at the detail on the antenna.

And then I decided to give you a little color on this post.  These are the daylilies blooming outside my door right now.  I got a start of these from my mom.  I love to share flowers with others and will be passing on a start of these to someone else. 

I showed this picture to my granddaughter and she said, "Look at the pollen!"  They learn so much in kindergarten now. 

I know I have been away for a couple of weeks but hope to write more now.  I have been out of town for a week doing trainings and a week visiting with the grandkids.  The grandkids were more fun. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Flip Side

 For macro Sunday, let's check out the flip side. 
Sometimes you should look at things from a new angle.

And then the other side...

So take some close-up pics, grab the button below, and join us over
at Studio Waterstone for all the fun.

studio waterstone

Moving in close,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

I have joined the Bead Table Wednesday group on Flickr.  You can join in, too.

I posted pictures on Bead Table Wednesday of some jewelry that I currently have on my Etsy shop.  With the new Etsy shop, that is what I am working on now:  listing my inventory, working on pictures and descriptions, getting packing materials lined up, etc., etc.     

I hope you can find some time to check out my Etsy shop and keep coming back as new items will be listed periodically.  Constructive feedback is appreciated.  I am still learning and trying to improve my store daily. 

Let's get creative,

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Love My Art" Giveaway

This great book by Jennifer Heynen, the creator of Jangles Ceramic Beads, could be yours.  Check out the blog on Love My Art Jewelry to see how to enter. 

Who knows?  It could be your turn to win.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cherry-Picking Season

This afternoon was spent picking about 5 large bowls of cherries.  About half were like the red cherries in the picture I posted here.  The other half are Black Heart cherries like these.  They are so sweet and very flavorful.

The red cherries were pitted first using my antique cherry pitter.  It isn't perfect but certainly faster than doing the job by hand.  Then I pitted the Black Heart cherries and oh my!  My hands turned a very dark red and then after rinsing all the sticky juice off, my hands were stained blue.  Sorry I didn't think to take a picture but really my hands were too messy to get near my camera.  Barkeeper's Friend cleanser took most of the stain out, but my hands and most especially my fingernails still look dark.  I think these cherries would produce some very potent dye for anyone wanting to experiment. 

But the up side to all this is that I now have lots of cherries in the freezer.  They should taste good next winter in a good cobbler. 


Saturday, June 4, 2011

I 'Heart" Macro Sunday

Time for posting pics for Macro Sunday over at Studio Waterstone.  Since the next few days will be spent picking, baking and freezing cherries, I thought it appropriate to use my picture of them this week.  We have two big trees in the back yard.

They are so sweet and tasty.  We just walk out and stand under the trees eating them.  There is also a Black Heart cherry tree down in the front field on the property line.  Those are dark cherries that are even sweeter.  Yum!  We didn't know for a long time that the Black Heart was there until we finally got the fence row cleaned out.  

Whatever we don't get picked, which is a lot because the trees are so tall,  the birds move in and eat in one day.  It is really amazing to see.  And I wonder, how the heck do all the birds know to show up on the same day?

studio waterstone

Keep those cameras clicking,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's I Heart Macro!

Last Sunday, I was out of town with my daughter and her fiance making arrangements for their wedding so I missed posting a picture.  But here we go again and my pic is ready and posted. 

Rusty Spokes

Won't you join us?
Click on this link and add your picture.

studio waterstone

Off to take more pictures,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"When Trees Dream" by MaryL

Please check out the art and blog of MaryL. at Try, Try Again....!  Be sure to read her story on the "Getting Back Up" page of her blog.  She is an amazing artist with so much creativity and tenacity.  I was lucky enough to win one of her mini-books and each page is fabulous.  The book was in my mail when I got back from the weekend and it is just the cutest thing ever.  Thanks Mary!

Mary sells the books on her blog for less than some greeting cards.  I'm thinking I would like to use some of these to send out as greetings or to tuck in to a letter.  (Yes, we all still love to receive letters.) 

Do something creative today!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Listing in the Etsy Shop

Do you need a new, classic bracelet that will coordinate with a variety of outfits?  Then check out my latest listing on Etsy.

This bracelet looks good with a pair of jeans and also with that little black dress.  It will quickly become a go-to accessory. 

And don't you just love the use of my hand model?  If only she lived a little closer so she could do more modeling.  This model is recently engaged and has some gorgeous bling on her left hand.  They are planning an August wedding and several of us accompanied them to the wedding venue this past weekend to finalize some of the plans.  It is becoming real now.  Maybe some pictures next time of the planning sessions without giving any details away.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Giveaway!

I just found another giveaway to share with you.  Hop on over to Andrew Thornton's blog and check it out! 

These Shabby Chic stamps look like they would be a lot of fun to use.  So join in and let's see who wins.


Gardanne Bead Giveaway

Check out the giveaway of these beads on the Gardanne blog site.  Leave a comment on her blog to enter and then check out her sale in her Etsy shop. 

Good luck to all.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

"I Heart Macro" Sunday

Time for "I heart macro" Sunday.  Here is the picture I posted today, maybe just a little late. 

It is the tail light on my car.
If you want to participate, join us at Studio Waterstone by clicking on this box or on the one in my sidebar. 
studio waterstone


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Earrings in the Shop

Here are some new earrings just put in the shop - a little summery yellow-orange and some lime-green and black.  Slowly but surely I am getting items listed. 

Then I need to make new business cards, clean the studio, take more photos, make more beads and the list goes on.  And I just got a call for a custom chain maille bracelet.  Back to work.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, stepmothers, godmothers, adopted mothers, and just-like-a-mothers - Happy Mother's Day to you! 

And a big thank you to my daughter and son for these lovely flowers,

and the clever note attached by my son (ever the aspiring comedian).

Dearest Mother,
Thine are my mother and thine are my parental unit.  Thineth motherhood be in the parental unit forever and within thee.
Lovest always your kinfolk, Lord Ryan & Jester Megan

And that is why I am smiling (and laughing) today!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Heart Macro with Studio Waterstone

I heart macro with Studio Waterstone.  I think I have finally figured out how to take part in this close up photography activity.  Hop on over to her blog and check it out.  And then enter your close up or macro shot.  Here is my first shot:

Then I figured out that I had linked back to Lori's blog instead of mine so I entered another one.  You can see each little "hair" on the dandelion.  Isn't that amazing?

studio waterstone


Friday, May 6, 2011

New Etsy Shop Finally!

I finally took the plunge and opened my Etsy shop.  You can find my shop here at Dillman's Diversions.  I am busy getting my jewelry and beads listed.  Who knew how many pictures are needed?  Whew!  And not only the number of pictures, but they need to be good ones.  And then there are the descriptions to write.  But I am jumping in and getting started.  This is my first item:

Turquoise and Ivory
Lampwork Bead Earrings
with Sterling Silver Findings and Dangles

Check out the shop and let me know what you think!  If anyone is using Etsy and has essential advice for beginners, please pass it on to me.

Thanks for visiting,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Golden Hour for Photographers

Ever wonder what hour of the day will be best for taking outside photos?  Well just check out The Golden Hour website.  As stated on the site: 


The Golden Hour (sometimes referred to as the Magic Hour) is often defined as the first and last hour of sunlight in the day when the special quality of light yields particularly beautiful photographs.

It is quite easy to use.  You can find your exact location and it will show the hour in the morning and the evening that will produce the best light for taking pictures.   It is also now available as a Universal app on iPhone and iPad.  Concept, design and development is by Roger Moffatt.

I have had this website on my favorite list for quite a while but had forgotten about it until I had to clean a virus off the old computer this week.  So now, just like checking out the tides when you are at the beach, you can check out the "Golden Hour".  Hope this might be helpful to you in planning those photo shoots. 

*Disclaimer:  My photos are included for color, not because of their quality.  Still learning to combine light, focus, exposure, composition, etc.  


Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back, I Think ??

After over a week of work out of town and coming down with a nasty cold, I 'm back.  I've read on other blogs and talked with many friends about the large number of people that have had this cold so I guess I am in good company.  It definitely kicks your backside.

I have been remiss in acknowledging a prize won from D'Arsie Manzella.  Yes, I know - 2 prizes in 2 weeks.  That's probably it for the next 20 years.  D'Arsie created these hand cast pewter minnows displayed in front of hand crafted Raku tiles.  I really appreciate her creativity and workmanship and these earrings are so much fun to wear.  Thank you D'Arsie.  The earrings came right before I left town for work (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).
Visit D'Arsie's shop for some other fabulous work.
Minnow Earrings

As soon as I got over my cold, we headed to VA Beach to watch the two grandkids, ages 3 and 6.  More on that later.  So have I done anything in the creative department?  Not much. If my artistic muse was talking to me, I didn't even have time to listen.  I will have a couple of projects to share soon though.

Come back soon!


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