Friday, July 22, 2011

The One That Got Away

Oh yes!  I saw the perfect shot while driving home the other day.  Mother deer nursing twin fawns (see the spots on their backs).  Having my camera in the car, I made a quick u-turn to catch the shot.  They were still there down a short lane through the orchard so I stopped, grabbed the camera and snapped the shot.  But alas, mama deer saw me, perked up her ears and bolted just as the camera snapped.  She got away.

It took the babies a little longer to react so I was able to catch them, even though one looks like some devil creature because my flash went off, reflecting in his eyes.  Well, maybe next time.  We have so many deer in our fields and orchards but this was probably that one time chance sighting.

We have been having a heat wave this week with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. I think I will stay in the air conditioning tomorrow and hope it counteracts my torch flame so I can make some beads. 

Stay cool and be creative,

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