Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Heart Macro Sunday

With only one snow this winter so far, I have to make the most of my snow pictures.  This is the frosting left on everything.  And to think it was all gone in 48 hours.

Snow Frosting

Do you have close-up pictures to share?  Head on over to Studio Waterstone to add your photos.

studio waterstone

Have fun creating,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

It's time to buckle down and figure out my design for the Bead Soup Party.  So this is what is on my bead table today - this lovely and intriguing collection from Alice Dreaming

Just a hint - there will be more than one creative item out of all this bounty.  Check back in on March 3rd to see all the results from Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party.

5th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal is March 3rd

Hope you are busy creating,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February and the First Snow

Yes, can you believe it is February and we are in the midst of our first real snow of the winter?  I was beginning to think this was going to be a snowless winter.  After all, January had very mild temperatures and even yesterday the high was in the 60's.  But then this morning, true to the weatherman's prediction, it began to snow.

If you look closely, you can see the very large snowflakes that were falling this morning.  This is a color photo but there just wasn't any color showing.  Now the snow has changed to a fine snow.  When the snow began to fall, I ran outside to rescue these daffodils.  That's how warm it has been, the daffodils were beginning to bloom.

It is really very pretty, covering only the trees and shrubs at first. 

Now even the sidewalks, roads and cars are covered.

Just a reminder to hop over to Studio Waterstone to post a photo of your own or just to check out the other photos posted there each Sunday.

studio waterstone

Happy creating,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pay It Forward

Here is a little game I learned about from Charlie at Clay Space, who learned about it from Niky at Silverniknats and so on.

You have probably heard of this concept of "pay it forward."  Someone does something nice for you and then you do something nice for someone else (without expecting anything in return).  So how far could we make this go?

pay it forward blog game, pay it forward,

I have signed up for this and hoping I am chosen by Charlie.  But guess what!  I am going to do this anyway and start my own "Pay It Forward." 

Here’s how to play along:
  1. I’ll make something handmade for the first 3 people who comment to this post. What I make will be a surprise and will arrive to you when you least expect it. Doesn’t everyone love a surprise?
  2. I have 365 days to make and deliver it to you. But there’s a little catch, to get a handmade gift from me, you have to play too! This means you take the pledge to send something handmade to 3 of your blog readers. It doesn’t have to be a quilt, just something handmade! Easy right?
  3. In case it wasn’t obvious in #2, you have to have a blog.
  4. Once you comment here, you have to post about Pay it Forward on your blog and keep it going!
Are you in?  Do you want to "Pay It Forward"?  Maybe you saw the movie of the same name.  If not, you may want to find and watch it. 

Well, are you in?  Then make your comment and then post on your blog.  Be sure to give me your email if it is not linked on your blog.

Happy creating and giving,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Macro Sunday

In organizing some of my fabric stash, I found quite a few polka dot fabrics.  They can be used in so many ways and seem to bring a youthful happiness to any project.  These may  be used in a quilt or as a purse lining.  Who knows?

So what have you been viewing closely?  Jump on over to Studio Waterstone if you want to join in or just to see all the macro fun!

studio waterstone

Keep creating,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mulling over Murrini and a Half Price Sale

If you are a lampwork artist, you may already be proficient in using murrini.  Or you may be like me and want to learn how to incorporate these lovely glass slices into your beads.  Whichever group you are in, I hope you don't miss this half-price murrini sale.  Right now and through the day tomorrow, you will find some gorgeous murrini on sale over on Donna Millard's website.  This sale is only on her website, not her Etsy shop. 
Here is one of my favorites -

and another -

Are you tempted yet?  These murrini look so beautiful and I have placed my order.  So hurry and don't be late checking out all the beautiful designs and pick out your favorites. 
Be sure to visit Donna Millard's blog.  The blog will explain the sale and if you check back through her posts you can find a couple of pictures showing her making the murrini.  
Happy shopping and creating,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bead Soup for Alice

In case you haven't heard, there is a Bead Soup Party going on.  For all the details, check out Lori Anderson's Pretty Things blog.  The beads have been exchanged, the thinking and planning is beginning and the reveal of lovely creations will be on March 3rd.

Bead Soup Blog Party
Sorry I can't get this button to center.  Just the way it is today. 

My Bead Soup partner is Alice from "Alice Dreaming."  I wanted to make sure my Bead Soup partner had time to open, enjoy and post about the bead soup that I sent her before posting the picture myself.  She has posted the bead soup so now is the time for me to share it. 

The beads I sent Alice include some of my lampwork beads in turquoise and light green.  Utilizing those colors, I created a focal bead for her.  I included some accent beads, sterling silver beads and some silver chain.  With wire in coordinating colors, I created some wire coils and hope Alice can find a way to use them.  Guess that might be a challenge for her. 

Hope you will come back for the Bead Soup Blog Hop on March 3rd.

Hope you are busy creating,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Heart Macro Sunday & Scarf Tricks

Scarves are really in vogue right now and I have my fair share of them.  This hot pink and brown silk scarf is one of my favorites.  But even though it is really lightweight, it is rather long and is sometimes difficult to find ways to wear it.

So if you are like me and enjoy wearing scarves, you will probably enjoy this little You-Tube video.  At the end, you can click on a style that you like and the directions for it will play.  This attractive woman is very entertaining even if you never wear a scarf.

studio waterstone

Tie up some creativity,

Thursday, February 2, 2012


EB Bead and Metal Works is having a giveaway for NOVICA.  

NOVICA has the first-ever microfinance website where customers can purchase products and lend money directly to artisans with loans at 0% interest!   The giveaway will be for gift certificates to purchase something from one of the NOVICA global artisans .  Be sure to check out their website.

Stop in and see EB Bead and Metal Works for all the details.  Hurry because the drawing is on February 4.  Good luck!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

It is Wednesday so what is on your bead table?  Join the Bead Table Wednesday group over at Flickr and see what others are working on today.

Bead Table Wednesday

Here is what is on my bead table today.  I have been trying to come up with a bright, cheery necklace just for me.  I want a variety of beads in color, size and shape.  So this is my start.  I had a "decade" birthday this year as my hubby calls it, so this is my little gift to me.

I want some wire dangles or links too.  Back to the torch.
Have you created a special necklace for a special reason just for you?  Why not show and tell?  We would love to see it.

Live the creative life,


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