Sunday, February 19, 2012

February and the First Snow

Yes, can you believe it is February and we are in the midst of our first real snow of the winter?  I was beginning to think this was going to be a snowless winter.  After all, January had very mild temperatures and even yesterday the high was in the 60's.  But then this morning, true to the weatherman's prediction, it began to snow.

If you look closely, you can see the very large snowflakes that were falling this morning.  This is a color photo but there just wasn't any color showing.  Now the snow has changed to a fine snow.  When the snow began to fall, I ran outside to rescue these daffodils.  That's how warm it has been, the daffodils were beginning to bloom.

It is really very pretty, covering only the trees and shrubs at first. 

Now even the sidewalks, roads and cars are covered.

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studio waterstone

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  1. We had our first snow last week, about 1.5 inches. By the next day it was all melted.

    Lovely photos! I'm glad you were able to rescue the daffodils!

    Have a great week.

  2. Your winter landscape photos are wonderful.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. What gorgeous snow shots! The first shot looks like a snow globe! Lovely!


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