Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fabric Treasure Chest

A few years ago, I found a treasure chest of fabric at an estate sale.  I almost walked away from it as there was just so much at this sale.  You could get lost just in looking.  For once, I had the presence of mind to pick up this unassuming sewing basket and hang on. 

When I looked inside, I saw all these little squares of cotton fabric.  So I began to carefully feel down through the layers to see what was underneath.  And ouch!  There were straight pins stuck in randomly throughout and apparently all pointing up.  So I became even more careful.  But as far as I could feel and see there were many more layers just like this top layer. 

What would I do with all these little squares?  I had only recently resumed my sewing hobby after my children had gone off to college.  And I had just completed a crib quilt for a great-nephew.  So, of course, I had grandiose ideas of the many quilts that would be churned out. 

Yes, that was time flying.  I have finally pulled out and sorted the many squares all measuring 2" x 2".  I have picked an Irish chain pattern that uses 2 inch squares.  Typical of most of my projects, there is more work than it would appear.  All of the squares are cut, right?  Well the squares do need to be cut accurately so I am checking each one to make sure it is exactly 2 inches square.  They are surprisely accurate, though I have found a few that don't make the cut (pun intended).  Stayed tuned to see what these little squares can become.

Happy being creative,


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