Saturday, October 18, 2014

Photo Assistant Inspects New Jewelry

While I was outside taking pictures of jewelry to post on Etsy, my assistant joined me to see if I needed any help.  She closely inspected the items as I positioned them for their photo shoot.  Only when I assured her that all was well did she relax.  Since she so rarely holds still for her own photo, I took this quick pic.

This is my assistant, Xena, in her relax mode.

It is interesting how she loves to follow me around outside until I am ready to take her inside.  Then she finds a hiding spot where she sits very still and watches me call her and call her and her.  I have found a treat she can't resist and can trick her out of her hiding spot when I jiggle the bag of them..  

I thought you might like to see some of the beads and jewelry we photographed.  

I like to photograph my beads and jewelry outside when the weather permits.  I am usually able to get truer colors with better lighting that way.  We have had so many cloudy and rainy days that it has been difficult to do that. 

Wood seems to provide a good background but I have been experimenting with stone, aluminum foil and other surfaces.  I find that with certain glass colors the background can change the color tones.  They may appear brighter or darker depending on the color of the surface that surrounds them, despite the type of lighting.

Another problem I have with photographing glass is the reflections.  No one needs to see the photographer reflected in the beads.  Some days I need an invisibility cloak for me and everything around me to get a shot without these reflections. 

You can check out these beads and jewelry and more on Etsy.  Thanks for looking.  

Let's create!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Holding on to Summer

I love, love summer!!  And I hate to see it go.  I hold on to it as long as possible. 

I savor the last cherry tomatoes picked right off the vine, rinsed off and eaten right away.  Oh so good!

My geranium still has a few blooms that are trying to hang on despite all the rain. 

I even planted a few little mums that hopefully will come back next year after supplying some color now.
So who else is a summer lover that has a hard time letting it go?

Keep creating,


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