Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jewelry for My Scissors

Lately, I have a new project that combines my love of jewelry with my sewing.  I have been seeing these scissor fobs around and knew I had to make one for me.  This is my first attempt for one to use on my small embroidery scissors.

Then I made a couple more using pink glass beads.  They are easy to attach and will move out of the way when using the scissors.
These are very helpful when you travel with your scissors or are using them around other seamstresses.  It makes it easy to identify yours (a little like a wine charm).  I am thinking that these would make nice gifts for friends, too.   
These clasps would only work on the smaller scissors but I have some larger clasps that should work with my dress shears.  Will have to give them a try.  And I think my scissors deserve fobs made with my lampwork beads.  What do you think? 
I might even put some of these in my Etsy shop.  If you would like to order some in certain colors, give me a shout and I will see what I can do. 
Use some new ideas in your creating,


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