Sunday, July 31, 2011

I 'Heart" Macro Sunday

This little guy jumped across my path as I hurried out to my car one morning.  He was just so darn cute I had to grab the camera and take his picture.  I was sure he would disappear back in to the hole before I could focus but I guess he likes the limelight. 

You may not be able to tell how little this guy is but he can't be more than an inch or two tall.  (Are frogs tall or long?)  And of course, I was practically standing on my head to get the shot.  It is a wonder that I got him in focus. 

I mentioned that my daughter is getting married later in August and some of you asked for a picture.  Well, this is not the wedding but this is the engagement picture that was in the paper.

We are in the countdown now for the wedding.  I am not going to think about losing a daughter.  I prefer to think I am gaining a son. 

Be creative and take some pictures,


  1. The frog is cute but your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! You must be very proud and happy, good luck with the wedding!

  2. I love frogs so always stop to pester them a little! Congrats on gaining a son!

  3. Frogs are adorable creatures!! Right up there with cool lizards in my book :))) That's are gaining a son!


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