Sunday, June 26, 2011

Macro Sunday

Macro Sunday is here again.  While walking around the yard taking pictures, I found this white moth sitting on my black lamp post.  Such a contrast!

 Who knew they had fur around the head?  It is probably not called fur, but that is what it looks like.  And look at the detail on the antenna.

And then I decided to give you a little color on this post.  These are the daylilies blooming outside my door right now.  I got a start of these from my mom.  I love to share flowers with others and will be passing on a start of these to someone else. 

I showed this picture to my granddaughter and she said, "Look at the pollen!"  They learn so much in kindergarten now. 

I know I have been away for a couple of weeks but hope to write more now.  I have been out of town for a week doing trainings and a week visiting with the grandkids.  The grandkids were more fun. 

Have a great week!


  1. Wonderful pictures! The moth is awesome and the lily is so vibrant!

  2. The moth is incredible with all the detail and the lilly is just beautiful!!

  3. I love these photos! That moth does look like it could be a "snow queen" out of a fairy tale book with all that fluffy white… Beautiful!

  4. You did capture quite a "furry" moth. Wonderful shots!

  5. What fantastic shots!!! Both are gorgeous...and that moth is so beautiful!!

  6. Love the moth, very majestic!
    Pam Cresswell

  7. Oh wow, that first one the contrast is just gorgeous...and the second one, the colors are just so intense it's incredible! Pollin, hah, love it ;) (I've got a five year old daughter...)

  8. This is so beautiful! He looks like he has a little fur coat or scarf on - must have been heading out for a fancy dinner. :)


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