Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Listing in the Etsy Shop

Do you need a new, classic bracelet that will coordinate with a variety of outfits?  Then check out my latest listing on Etsy.

This bracelet looks good with a pair of jeans and also with that little black dress.  It will quickly become a go-to accessory. 

And don't you just love the use of my hand model?  If only she lived a little closer so she could do more modeling.  This model is recently engaged and has some gorgeous bling on her left hand.  They are planning an August wedding and several of us accompanied them to the wedding venue this past weekend to finalize some of the plans.  It is becoming real now.  Maybe some pictures next time of the planning sessions without giving any details away.



  1. Wow!! The patterned beads really make it!! Nice :)
    P.S. Did you get your little book?

  2. Thanks MaryL, and yes I received my book. I love it. Check my blog tomorrow, it's all about the book.


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