Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Earrings in the Shop

Here are some new earrings just put in the shop - a little summery yellow-orange and some lime-green and black.  Slowly but surely I am getting items listed. 

Then I need to make new business cards, clean the studio, take more photos, make more beads and the list goes on.  And I just got a call for a custom chain maille bracelet.  Back to work.



  1. Hey Carol! Congratulations!! You just won my little book, 'When Trees Dream':))) I can't seem to make the e-mail link work though to get your address... can you try to e-mail me with your address? Thanks! (I'm out of town right now but will mail it out next week :)

  2. Oh Mother Sue.....I love yellow!!! It will be my new favorite color in London!!!


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