Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Heart Macro Sunday

Joining up with Lori Plyler over at Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro, here is my close-up shot for the week.

As I was taking some shots of all the flowers blooming this week, I came upon this shrub that was literally buzzing with activity (pun intended).  Bees were everywhere but catching them in the lens was a challenge. 

And finally this guy was probably the most persistent of all.

We are not sure what this flowering shrub is.  It looks like an azalea but blooms a couple of months earlier than all the other azaleas.  It has been here for probably 30 years or more and pre-dates me in the house.  I guess you don't have to know what it is to enjoy its early March lavendar blooms each year. 

studio waterstone

So take some time to smell the roses (or azaleas) and take some close-up shots while you are out there.  And then share, please.

Happy close-ups to you,


  1. Great shots!! Love the colors and especially the last one of the bee head first :)))

  2. Love those azaleas, they were one of my fathers favorite flowers. I've tried growing them but always seem to over water them. Take care.


  3. Looks like somebody is busy. ^_^


  4. It definitely looks like an azalea to me. What a fine marco of Mr. Bee. All of mine have died. It just gets too cold where we live in VA. Your are beautiful. genie

  5. I love that first shot -- the bee is REALLY intent!


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