Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Heart Macro

Spring has arrived early this year.  The daffodils appeared at the same time as the crocuses.  These hellebores are in full bloom and are such a soft yellow and white along with the dark green surrounding them.

The vincas on the slope behind the house are glowing their beautiful blue, although I got them in a little too much light so they look paler in the photo.

And even the hostas are popping up ready to leaf out.

So it is time to get out in the yard and flower gardens to do a little work.  I don't remember ever having to start yard work so early in the year.  I am not complaining though, because I will take yard work over housework any day of the year. 

studio waterstone

And if you want to see more photos or join in with some of your own, just click on the link above to go to Studio Waterstone.

Enjoying the warm weather,


  1. Very nice photos, I especially like the first one.

    Regards and best wishes

  2. Have never even heard of hellebores ( I think that is what you called them) but I love the colors. We too have had, for lack of a better word: a freakish early Spring. I share your sentiment of gardening over housework. Even the most short-lived bloom last an eternity longer than a picked up there is no comparison.
    Hope you enjoy the last of your weekend.


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