Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Organized or My Studio is a Mess and That's got to Change

Have you ever avoided your studio because it needed some serious cleaning and organizing?  I am very lucky to have a whole room with a built in closet and lots of windows.  But as this room is off to itself, it can become the repository for things that must be gotten out of the way.  So now I have to undo the messes that have been made.  Some areas of the room are so bad, I won't even show them till a little straightening is done first.  I am sure that never happens to all of you, but that is how I roll.  I am hoping that by blogging about my cleaning ventures, I will be forced to make progress. 
In the process of "hiding" things in this room, projects in mid-stream have gotten shoved aside and disorganized.  Beads, though grouped by color and size on mandrels, have taken over my desktop. Findings are laid aside and not put back in boxes or drawers.  All this chaos makes me very unproductive. 
I will apologize right now for the quality of these photos.  It is difficult to get the right lighting in every corner of my room.

Tools are usually the only thing I can find when I get ready to work.  My pliers, hammers and scissors have been stashed in this latest find, a turntable from Michaels.

Glass storage has been constructed with PVC tubes which are stacked in plastic milk crates.  This is essential if you are ever going to find the colors you need.

So those two areas look pretty good you say.   What's the problem here?  So here is the first area needing work - the torching area.  Believe me, this is one of the easy projects so I will start here to give my self a positive outlook to tackle the rest.

So I hope you will follow me as I get reorganized and make my studio back into the pleasant place I know it can be for creating wearable pieces of art.  I will share as many ideas as I can for creating order out of chaos, just in case there is anyone else out there with similar issues.

Cleaning and creating,


  1. Beautiful do you sell your beads, I am a lampwork junky..saw the post as I was hopping for bead soup.

    Please send me an email if you sell them or want to do a swap, I make soldered pendants, metal pendants and enamel beads as well as jewelry. Thanks.


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