Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Heart Macros

Got the blues?  Blue hyacinth, that is! 

There are two of these beauties near my front door.  With all the warm weather, they bloomed early this year.  I was really afraid we would get a freeze or frost and ruin them.  But they made it.  Have you ever seen such vivid blues in flowers?

studio waterstone

Have some close-up shots to share?  Join us at Studio Waterstone to see more macros and close-ups.

Happy creating,


  1. I was wondering if you did something to make those "more blue!" I've never seen such a vivid blue. They are lovely! Lucky you!

  2. PRETTY in blue!!!!!

    HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU is my Monday post. Hope you can find time to pay a visit.

  3. Don't you just love the fragrance form these beauties. Nothing smells more like spring to me.
    Lori in Atlanta


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