Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lavendar Blue

Before Christmas, a friend needed an anniversary gift for his wife.  He selected this bracelet with beads made of transparent lavendar glass and then etched for a soft effect.

Earrings to match.

The two photos to the left are taken with my light tent and lots of light from my spots.  The right hand photo is take outside with natural light.  You can see the color is not exactly the same in the first two photos but a different color completely in the right hand photo.  All beads are from the same glass.  The bracelet is the same one in both photos.

Getting colors to show true in pictures and on the computer is always a challenge but these beads take it to a new level.  Has anyone else had these issues with colors or have any suggestions for getting colors right?

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  1. Carol, your beads are just lovely! How long have you been making beads?

    I have trouble with getting the colors to look the same as seen with the naked eye, and it is difficult.

    I've had much more success with this set-up: I use a small parlor table set up in front of a north facing window (give yourself room between the table and the window to shoot at different angles). I use a white table cloth and place a matte white sheet of scrapbook paper on top of the cloth. Then I prop up a sheet of white foam board (on the table) directly across from the window so it reflects light back onto my jewelry. It works wonders, and I have only a little editing in Picasa to do later--such as adding fill light and highlights. Of course, on a very cloudy day this doesn't do as well, but most days it works. You can get more of these tips from Kerry Bogert's Snaptastic e-course. It was fabulous.

  2. I took a class from Robbie Gentry of "Heirlooms in Glass" 6 years this weekend. She lives in Knoxville, TN and my husband gave me the class as a Christmas present.
    Thanks for the photography suggestions. I, too, have found that natural light is the best for getting color and light correct.


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