Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party Is Back!

After quite a break from my blog, I am finally back.  This is thanks to Lori Anderson and the Bead Soup Blog Party.  I can't resist a good party and when that includes beads, it is especially inviting.  It seems that getting two new grandchildren and doing two house remodels took up a great deal of time and my blog was one thing that had to be put on hold.  So after nearly two years I now have the time to resume.  I want to encourage other bloggers out there that have let your blog slide for a while, whether it is a month or years, give it a try again.  We can do this!

You may recall that my husband and I added a garage, sunroom, outdoor deck and bead room on to our house.  Also I own a house and my daughter and her family wanted to move back to Virginia and asked if they could live in that house.  Since they already had one of my grandchildren, of course, I would love to have them nearby.  The issue was that the house needed a lot of updating so I embarked on some major work.  Of course, much was hired out like the new kitchen and bath and new roof.  But I painted every room in the house and managed all of the other work.  There is still ongoing work to be done on the house but the bigger jobs are complete.  And best of all, my grandbabies are only 15 minutes away. 
Best grandbabies ever!
Of course, now I am finding all the projects that I had to put aside in order to get the work done.  In a past post, Quilt Finish, I showed a quilt that I was finishing for my new grandson.  It was done before he was six months old.  Now my granddaughter is nine months old and her quilt is still not completely pieced.  Time to get sewing.  In my defense, during this time my sewing room was completely packed up and moved. I have added a couple of pictures from her quilt to prove it is in progress.  Yes, there is a lot of pink. 

My beading and jewelry making during this time was almost non-existent.  So much so, that I had to close my Etsy shop.  I am happy to say that the Etsy shop is open again but I need a lot more listings.  And yes, I also moved my whole bead room too.  

I am more organized now but it is taking time to get back in the habit of working in my studio.  So Bead Soup Blog Party to the rescue! 

Let's get creative,

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