Friday, January 23, 2015

Sewing for a Special Guy

I am a new grandmother!!  What a great feeling.
It has been a busy fall and winter but I did start early to make a quilt for the new little guy.  Here is a sneak peak. 

Pin basted front side
My daughter picked most of the fabrics and the squares design.  I added the borders because she wanted his name embroidered on the front.  Will have to show that picture on a later post.

Pin basted back
The back design came about because the star fabric wasn't wide enough on its own and I didn't want to just sew two pieces together (could never have lined up the stars).  When I started quilting, I learned some lessons I will share later.

This was the first time I had ordered so many fabrics online for a project.  I got most of the ocean themed ones on Etsy and was quite pleased with quality and service.  It allowed my daughter and I to choose them together.  The rest I sourced locally. 

Even though the quilt was not quite finished, it was included in some photos with the new guy.  He is only 2 days old here and just home from the hospital.

New guy with his quilt
I made the receiving blanket with the London buses (under his head) also.  They lived in London for 2 years and are decorating his nursery with a travel theme.

Thanks for indulging a new grandmother!
And hope you are creating something new,

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