Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gem and Bead Storage

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While participating in the Clean-Up, Fix-Up Challenge, I had to find ways to store some of my gemstones and beads.  Whenever I purchased gemstones, I would keep them in the bag from the store or gem show and stuff it in to a large shoebox (no pic of this mess, thank goodness).  Soon, I had no idea what I actually had.  After much searching through hardware, bead and department stores, I finally found a solution - boxes with bottles inside.  I found these boxes at a small bead shop and at Walmart.

These boxes and bottles come in two sizes.  The shorter boxes are great for the smaller beads or small amounts of beads.  The taller boxes work for larger gemstones or a larger amount of small beads.  I further organized by sorting the bottles by color in the boxes.   

I also discovered that I could hold the box and bottles to the light and look through to see the color of the beads.  This makes finding the stones I need or auditioning for color much easier.  I also put a sticker on the bottle lids showing the kind and price of each bead, which saves time in pricing a finished piece of jewelry. (Hint:  Put the sticker on the jar, not the lid, as the lids can get mixed up. Don't ask me how I know.)

The boxes stack together and fit neatly in my desk drawers or on shelves.  So one storage issue solved. 

Organize for creativity,


  1. The bigger of the two boxes can be purchased from Shipwreck beads if you ever need more. They also sell just the circular inner containers. Do you mind me asking which of the boxes you purchased from Walmart and which from the bead store? I would love to get my hands on some of the short boxes.

  2. Wow. a new and good way to arrange gemstones beads... Nice post!

  3. This is great, I'm going to my walmart and try to find some. A good way to store buttons. More compact than the jars I'm using. Thanks

  4. I joined your blog a long time ago why am I not getting your posts. I joining again under my gmail account maybe that will do it. I'll notify you if it doesn't, I want to receive your posts.

  5. Ok, I check out my google connect and the email is gmail. So why am I not getting your posts? Any clue?

  6. That's some beautiful organization! Love all the colors.


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