Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Surprise

Last Thursday, snow was predicted for our area of SW Virginia.  It was a pretty sure thing and the accumulation guesses varied from 4" to 12".  Well we did indeed get snow and when it stopped around 10 a.m. we had 10 inches.  Okay, that was not too bad.  Then it began to snow again after noon.  And it snowed hard - for hours!  In the end we got 16 inches and were still digging out yesterday (Sunday).  It was getting late in the day so it is a little dark in the pictures.

Showing the 16 inches on the yardstick.

Our Blue Spruce that looks so regal covered in snow.

Daughter and my hubby trying to dig us out.
My daughter was visiting and made good use of the snow shovel.  I have pulled a muscle in my back and was glad she was here to help (of course, I got comments about my timing of the bad back).  My husband likes to get his tractor out and clear the drive and even goes a way down the road. 

So even though it is pretty, it is also cold.  I really don't need to see anymore this winter.  But the weather forecast shows that we will add another inch or so of snow on Monday night.  Aren't we lucky?  No.  But then the temperatures are going to climb to 60 on Wednesday.  Isn't this crazy?  Maybe all the snow will melt quickly which would suit me fine. 

Staying inside to create,


  1. Your snow pictures are so pretty. And the blue spruce is gorgeous!

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