Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giveaway from Clay Space

Are you familiar with Charlie over at Clay Space?  Well she has designed some monograms to put on her ceramic plates.  She needs our feedback on which designs we like the most.  I like several of them as my favorites but finally narrowed it down to one for her.  She needs a little more feedback than just from me so why not help her out. 
Here are a few of them:

Wedding Monogram, Custom Signature Plate, Fox Monogram, Rustic Monogram, Cute Love Birds Monogram, Heart Frame Monogram, Double Heart Monogram, Swirl Ring Monogram
She will be giving away 6 trivets (6″ square) and 1 signature plate (8″ square) to her loyal customers and fans. So head on over and see what you like.  You can also visit her two Etsy shops (busy lady), Clay Space and Clay Space 2 to purchase some of her great items.

Keep creating,

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